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7 Things Every Gal Should Do in Her 20's

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

things to do in my twenties

Our twenties are notably known as our golden years. The decade of our lives in which we supposedly find ourselves, and rejoice in our youthful, non-wrinkled, ache-free bodies. The years that are the "best of our lives."

Today, however, this narrative is being tweaked a bit. No one has it all figured out by 30! We are continuously finding ourselves our entire lives, and our great times are not capped at age 29. People are living longer, and maintaining their youth while doing it (mentally and physically).

But, there are some things every girl should do in her twenties to extend these "golden years" far beyond 29. So, let's go, golden girl!

1. Learn How to Love Yourself

I know, how many times am I gonna say this one? But, it really is the first, most important step of leading a fulfilling life. No one teaches us this in school (but they sure as heck should!) so you better get to researching yourself. Seek out resources - therapists, life coaches, self help books, podcasts, etc. that can give you the tips you need to begin living your life for you, and loving the heck out of her! Life will become so much more sweet in your twenties and beyond once you nail this one down right off the bat.

2. Travel Alone

You don't have to go continent hopping, but take a trip by yourself! Even if it's just a hop skip and a jump across the pond. You will learn so much about yourself and what you're capable of when you're the only person you have to rely on (and, I guess Google). Not to mention, alone time regardless of travel is insanely beneficial for self growth. Get to know yourself! What lights you up? Step outside your comfort zone and take yourself to dinner, go on the difficult hike (bring your pepper spray), go sightseeing in a new city. Whatever it is, your time spent alone will teach you things you may have never even known about yourself! How's that for self discovery?

3. Volunteer

Nothing puts life into perspective more than volunteering. Whether it's working at a soup kitchen, mentoring a child, or helping at your local senior center, helping others in need not only boosts your gratitude for your own life, but boosts the lives of those you're helping as well - the best win, win!

4. Go on Dates

Yes, dating is not at the top of our list of most fun things to do these days, but getting to know various types of people will give you a better sense of what you want: what you vibe with, what's of priority to you, what your non-negotiables are. If you don't date around, how will you know? So get your butt out there and if not for anything else, do it for research purposes. ;)

5. Cut Out the Toxic People

You're not in 10th grade anymore where you'll basically commit social suicide if you don't maintain your friendship with the queen bee of your social clique. Cut the b****es out! We have no time for toxic energy, and the quicker you remove the negative people in your life, the quicker you'll be able to focus on the people who actually matter. Not to mention, your stress levels are sure to plummet!

6. Live in a Different Country

If you have the opportunity, it's time for a culture change! Our twenties are about gaining as many perspectives as possible. This is the time where we are sponges - absorbing everything around us and taking the bits and pieces from our experiences that resonate with us into our future. We are always striving to grow, and getting outside of your bubble is sure to help you see the world and life with new eyes!

7. Start Doing Things for You

Not your parents, siblings, friends, or boss - start living for you. Don't you dare spend your weeks praying for the weekend, go out and make sh*t happen on a Tuesday! We tend to forget that we live on a floating rock in space, and that we're put on this earth to like, actually enjoy it and not spend our entire existence slaving away at our corporate job. Tap into whatever feels good to you and actually do that!! Quit your job and become a painter, take yourself on a spontaneous vacation, get the tattoo. It's time to learn to live for you (hey, that rhymed).

Are you ready to give these golden years a boost? I hope these tips helped and let me know if you try any - see you in my next post!

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1 Comment

Kayla DiMaggio
Kayla DiMaggio
Aug 11, 2021

I'm almost to the end of my twenties and traveling alone has been one of the single best things I could have done for myself. I learned so much about myself during that time and it was a beautiful time.

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