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21 Must-Do's for Your Summer 2021 Bucket List

summer 2021 bucket list

While the air still has an early spring chill, many of us are itching to start getting outside more as summer quickly approaches. If you're a New Englander like me, spring weather can be a roller coaster (snowing one day and 70 and sunny the next), but we are slowly but surely inching towards warmer and warmer weather!

And with this boost of Vitamin D, comes the craving of warm weather activities. With waves of vaccines being given, many of us are ready to not only get back outside, but get back to our (somewhat) normal social lives. So, what are some fun things you can do this spring/summer outdoors? I've gathered 20 things for your summer 2021 bucket list:

Start a garden

There's no time like the present to get some things growin' whether it's your own food (how sustainable of you!), or some spring tulips! Not only will this cut down on your grocery haul, but will also brighten up your backyard.

Go to a rooftop bar

Who doesn't love a rooftop bar? Grab your girlfriends or plan your next date at the closest rooftop near you. If you're in the Boston area, some fan faves are Lookout Rooftop and Bar, Six West, and Yotel! There's nothing like a dirty martini at sunset on a roof - trust me!

Go to the beach

Well, this is an obvious one - is it even summer if you don't go to the beach? Stock up on your Shein bikinis, ladies because it's T-2 months until beach season!

Sunbathe (with a kiddie pool)

Who said kiddie pools were just for kids? If you're not super close to a beach, bring it to you! Hop on Amazon and grab you and your roomies a kiddie pool to throw in your backyard. Grab your sunscreen, a hard iced tea, and a portable speaker and you're good to go!

Go for a walk

Can we talk about the benefits of a walk for a sec? Holy cow does a 30 minute walk on a nice day do wonders. Get yourself a tan, a good podcast playing, and your steps in all in one swoop!

Have a picnic

One of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice is pack up some sandwiches and head outside, whether it's the beach, the nearest pond, or even the park down the street. Grab a friend or two and make an afternoon out of it!

Go hiking

A good nature hike is always a good idea! Whether it's the mountains or a cliff walk, a hike makes an afternoon well-spent.

Have a bonfire

Gram crackers, Hershey's chocolate, and a perfectly toasted marshmallow - enough said, am I right? Nothing says summer like munching on s'mores by a bonfire. Grab your blankets, bug spray, and citronella candles - and don't forget the ghost stories!

Try a new outdoor restaurant

Eating inside is basically illegal when it's nice out. Find a new restaurant to try with family, friends, or your s/o, and while you're at it, try a new dish!

Have a yard party

Another fan favorite! Most of us haven't used the word "party" as part of our vocabulary this last year, so what better way to kick off the summer than having a group of your close friends over for drinks and food outside? (safely of course). Grab the punch, burgers, and corn hole and have a night!

Go to a dog park

What better way to boost your mood than spending an afternoon at a dog park? It's a win, win for both you and your pup. (also not a bad way to meet people either!)

Sign up for an outdoor class

There are so many opportunities for outdoor classes no matter your location! Whether it's yoga, strength training, or swimming, this is a great way to get moving while also meeting people with similar interests!

Go kayaking

Where workout meets serenity! Have an afternoon floating down a lake either by yourself or with friends.

Try a new sport

Tennis? Softball? Croquet? Who is she? There's no better time to try a new outdoor sport to get moving!

Read a book by the water

Elin Hilderbrand novels were made for summer. Pick up Barefoot and sink those toes in the sand for an easy, breezy summertime read.

Have a cookout

Burgers, hotdogs, and pasta salad are absolute staples when it's above 70 degrees. Hell, I want every night to be cookout night!

Pick flowers and press them

Need a bookmark? Grab some flowers from your new garden and press them! Cute and crafty.

Go camping

Can't say I've ever done this, but grabbing a tent and camping out with friends is on the bucket list! It mixes cookouts, bonfires, and outdoor activities all in one!

Go to a drive-in movie

If you've never gone to the drive-in, this is a must do! Pro tip: if you have a big enough trunk in your car, layer with blankets and pillows to make a trunk bed for the ultimate movie viewing (and don't forget the popcorn!)

Go stargazing

There's something about the stars, you know? If you're super into that stuff, grab a telescope and make a game out of finding the constellations!

Try something new

Whatever you end up doing this spring/summer, make sure you make time to try new things and meet new people! We've all been cooped up for too long and it's time to spread our wings again. What's first on your summer 2021 bucket list? Let me know in the comments!

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2 Kommentare

17. Apr. 2021

Love it!! Let’s go!!

Gefällt mir

17. Apr. 2021

Trying some new restaurants in the Boston area. New kinds of food and hitting some roof top bars. Beach many times of course!

Some alone time away with hubby by the ocean, biking and hiking. Spa weekend with one of my favorite daughters!💕

Gefällt mir
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