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6 Ways to Spice Up Your Life When it's Tasting Bland

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We've all felt stuck before - whether it's not being challenged anymore in your current job, being in a relationship that doesn't have that spark anymore, or just growing increasingly bored of your mundane daily routine, we know what it feels like to just feel: blah. Stuck in the mud. Like in a dream, when you're running and running but you're never actually going anywhere.

How do we get out of feeling like this? How do we get our zest for life back? Do we have to pick up our lives and move across the country? Quit our jobs tomorrow and say, to hell with it? Book a flight to a foreign country on a whim? I guess the answer to all of these, is yes - these would certainly spice your life right back up. But, does it have to be that drastic?

The answer is no. I'm here to give you six ways to feel excited about your life again. Let's get into it.

1. Eat New Foods

Yes, the first place I want to start is by literally spicing up your pallet with foods you've never tried! Are you the type of person that eats the same exact meals week after week? Change it up! Many of us live for food, and there's nothing that jazzes me up like trying new things - especially if it's delicious! And while you're at it, try some new restaurants around you. This way you're getting out of the house, supporting local businesses, and trying new, tasty dishes. How's that for spice?

2. Change Up Your Routine

This is something we've all had to learn this past year. Whether you're working from home, or finally back to commuting, don't make every single day the same. Wake up earlier so you can go for a walk before work, walk to the café down the street on your lunch break, read a book outside - whatever it is you like doing, make time for it during your day and make sure you're changing it up!

3. Take a Class

Whether it's virtual or in person, there is always more to learn, and a course for pretty much anything you're interested in! Feel free to even take up something you've never even considered before - photography, cooking, pottery...gaining a new skill (or potentially a new hobby) will surely bring back some zest to your life.

4. Meet New People

Whoever said "no new friends" (DJ Khalid...) was, in my opinion, so wrong! There are friends everywhere. And, even if you think you have enough friends already, or you're more introverted and not loving the idea of branching out to new circles, the best things in life are spent with good people. There is so much to learn from others - broaden your horizons and meet people from different cultures, different ethnicities, etc. And, it can even be virtually! You never know the connections you can make and even the lifelong friendships that could be across the globe or right in your backyard.

5. Start a Project

What have you always wanted to do but either never got around to doing or were too scared to take the leap? What are you waiting for? Do the thing! Whether it's renovating your bathroom, designing your own clothes, or starting a garden, projects keep people busy, and for many, happy!

6. Set Some Goals

Nothing says "blah" like living on autopilot, having no real direction, and just kind of existing. What are you dreams? Your passions? Set some goals and start working towards those! The time is now, and there's none to waste. Get it movin'.

Feeling spicy yet? I hope these tips help you get out of a rut and start living a life you're excited about. And remember - in the wise words of Annie Dillard, how we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives. Happy living!

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3 comentarios

14 may 2021

I would add, read or listen to inspirational books and talks on YouTube. I think it helps me get motivated and inspired to do something different in my life. Good post!

Me gusta

06 may 2021

Awesome suggestions Selena! Love it!!

Me gusta

06 may 2021

Awesome Blog and great ideas.

Me gusta
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