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10 Date Ideas to Make Dating Actually Fun

dating tips

June is right around the corner which means hot girl summer is officially: activated. For the singles out there, this probably means re-downloading the apps, getting back into the gym, and being more than ready to get back out there and mingle.

But this isn't just any normal summer for dating - we've all been cooped up for far too long and this is the first time things are feeling somewhat back to normal. Bars and restaurants are soon to be back at full capacity, night clubs are reopening - the world is our oyster! So, how do we take full advantage? How do we get back to dating when many of us haven't done this in over a year? I'm here to dish out 10 date ideas that will have you looking like a dating pro.

1. Ax Throwing

Let's cut right to the chase, shall we? Whether you need to get some anger out, just looking to chuck something, or really love a competitive/active date, this one's for you! Nothing says romance like throwing a weapon at a target, right?

2. Cook Together

Whether this is taking a class together or cooking at one of your places, this one is a great alternative to a classic restaurant dinner date! Save some cash, test out your teamwork skills, and you might as well throw some flour on your date to test their humor too.

3. Baseball Game

Even if you're not ~super~ into sports, this is a great date idea (especially in Boston)! Grab a Fenway frank (go Sox), a beer, and prep your vocal chords to belt out Sweet Caroline. This is definitely a casual date, and allows you both to chat between innings without interviewing each other over a dinner table.

4. Brewery / Winery

This one's for the drinkers - can you really have a bad time at a brewery / winery? Go for a wine tasting or get a flight of brewskis and try something new together! Quiz each other with which drink you think is which without looking at the label sheet for an extra level of playfulness.

5. Hiking

Are you super outdoorsy? Suggesting a hiking date will let you know right off the bat if your date is, too. Get moving and try a new hiking spot neither of you have been to! Pack some food and drinks for when you reach the top for an extra touch.

6. Aquarium / Zoo

Who doesn't love animals? Visiting your local aquarium or zoo is a fun date that gets you immersed in wildlife and gives you lots to talk about and explore (anything to swerve the awkward first date silences am I right).

7. Sunset Beach Picnic

If your date doesn't like the beach, you're doomed from the start (jk, kind of). What's more romantic than a sunset picnic on the beach? Bring your date's favorite drink, and order or make food to bring. Don't forget a portable speaker for some mood music for the cherry on top!

8. Driving Range

A lot of men love golf - ladies (and gentleman), here's your time to shine. What man is turning down a driving range date? Even if you are completely uncoordinated and know nothing about golf, best case scenario: he teaches you about something he loves! Grab a bite to eat once you've mastered your swing.

9. Concert

This isn't really a "get to know you" type date, but a concert is great if you both like the same type of music and could be a good 3rd or 4th date choice! Whether it's Kenny Chesney at Gillette or smooth jazz at your local café, you're sure to have a blast jamming to your favorite tunes (and may also get a sense of their dancing abilities).

10. Mini Golfing

A true classic! A little flirty competition never hurt anyone. Also, like I said before, if he hears the world "golf", he's in.

What do you think? Just a little better than getting plain old dinner or a movie, right? Test these out and let me know what you think. Happy dating! ♡

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6 comentarios

22 jul 2021

Concert is a great idea! And a beach sunset picnic, so nice!

Me gusta

Sandra Ans
Sandra Ans
12 jun 2021

I really love your ideas, especially Ax Throwing, Cooking together and visiting some brewery / winery! Great things for a couples to have fun and to get to know each other better. :)

Me gusta

Tyanne Johnson
Tyanne Johnson
03 jun 2021

All are such good ideas! The cooking together and winery are my favorites!

Me gusta

Danielle Hauck
Danielle Hauck
03 jun 2021

These actually all sound fantastic! Definitely going to put in my back pocket for later

Me gusta

27 may 2021

Except for the Ax throwing! Yikes!!😜

Me gusta
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