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7 Decor Tips for Those Living on a Budget

Our homes are a special place; a sanctuary, a place where we can relax and truly be ourselves, a place that (these days especially) we spend a lot of time in. As Gen-Zers, after college, many of us are itching to shed our childhood home and move out on our own to the city of our choice. While apartment or house hunting alone is a huge expense, many of us often forget that we actually have to furnish our new home as well (most of the time). Here come those credit card bills *cringe*. But, don't freak out too much - I'm here to provide some tips on how to decorate your new home without blowing through your entire paycheck.

Take the Free Sh*t

No matter if it's your Aunt Nancy offering you a coffee maker from the 80's, or your neighbor's mom offering some old chairs she has sitting in the back of her garage, you take them. Okay, maybe make sure that they're not beat up, are fully functioning, and not majorly hideous, but any free stuff you can scoop is SO helpful! My apartment is furnished with a majority of free furniture - a telephone table, TV stand, TV, coffee table, lounge sofa, bar cart, pillows, two comfy chairs, all from friends/neighbors that had things available they were trying to get rid of! One man's trash is another man's treasure, right?

Get Creative

So, if you're not really feeling any of the free things you're being offered, think about if you can alter them at all yourself for a cheap price. For example, while our telephone table and tv stand were originally a dark wood, we painted them white to match with our decor which also gave them a fresher look. Additionally, we were offered two comfy chairs from a neighbor - both a light blue color with a couple of rips on the side. We bought some tan coverings for them for super cheap and decorated with white pillows to tie it all together!

Use Facebook Marketplace

People are always posting on Facebook Marketplace trying to get rid of things that are both new and used. This is such a great option to still get some great stuff but not break the bank. And it's not just furniture! You can get kitchenware, clothes, books - you can even apartment hunt directly from Facebook Marketplace. There's also delivery/pickup options depending where you're located and oftentimes you can negotiate the price with the seller, which is already likely discounted. Make sure to check here first before diving into shopping at the stores!

Utilize Mirrors

Here's a room hack: if you want to make a room appear bigger than it is, get a big mirror or two. Position it near a window so it reflects the light and adds more depth to the room. Plus, where else are you supposed to take your mirror selfies?

long gold floor mirror by window

Get Some Plants

What's a home without some house plants? Scoop a cactus or succulent for low-maintenance plants, or if you're not blessed with a green thumb, grab a few fake flowers/plants at Homegoods and your home will instantly come to life for only a few bucks!

Get Artsy

While you may not have the money to splurge on a statement piece just yet, you should definitely still add some artwork in your home! Whether this is scavenging through flea markets, sifting through Amazon finds, finding some talented friends (s/o @ellielambalot), or creating some yourself, any piece of art is going to give your home some character - never mind spicing up a bare white wall!

drawing of woman with towel on head and in a robe putting on lip gloss

Add Candles

Nothing makes a space feel homey like a cinnamon coffee candle burning in the kitchen. Add candles in every space if you can - it's not only a nice decoration, but can be used for both mood lighting and an air freshener!

While it might be difficult to have your dream decor right off the bat, using some of these tips will definitely transform your apartment/house into a home - and in your price range! Do you have any decor tips? Leave a comment below!

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Mar 11, 2021

You go girl! Well put! And just to add a little help from your mom or ALOT is great too! Your welcome! 😜

To be clear I’m the painter and the retriever of the free stuff! Good job mom!


Mar 11, 2021

What a CUTE apartment!!

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