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Honey, I'm Home!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

boston skyline

"Beauty is fleeting, but a rent controlled apartment overlooking the park is forever" - Carrie Bradshaw. Okay, so my apartment isn't overlooking the park...or rent controlled...or in the magical world that is NYC. BUT - it's mine.

Ever since I was a little girl I couldn't wait for the day to have my own place in a city (mainly New York - I'll get there one day). And, after college living with my parents for over a year, you can imagine I really couldn't wait for the day (love you, Mom and Dad). Growing up in the suburbs of Massachusetts, it only made sense to want to venture to the closest city - Boston. And, after touring place after place, I am blessed to be able to have found the perfect first apartment with three of my best friends.

SO, although I've only lived here for a little less than two months now, I'd love to share a little bit about what I've learned so far living in an apartment in a pandemic.

1. Nothing Beats Mom's Cooking

I mean, this is pretty obvious. Having your own personal chef at home (if they're a good one) is the biggest blessing and is for sure greatly missed when you move out. Just got done with work? Dinner's on the table, honey! Instead, you're either cooking for yourself every night or draining your bank account by ordering Chipotle for the 6th time in a row this week. Recipes? What Gen-Zer has ever looked those up before? Welcome to scrolling through Pinterest to find something different than the pasta with sauce you've been making every night. I must say, this whole independence thing will either teach you how to cook, or how to survive solely off of Ramen noodles.

2. All the STUFF

Apologize to your bank account in advance because nobody tells you how much sh*t you need to buy when you move out! It's not just the no-brainers like a bed, a desk, a dresser, a couch, etc. Here's a list on some commonly overlooked items that you will definitely need when moving out:

- Curtains/curtain rods

- A plunger

- Sponges

- Trash cans/ trash bags

- A lighter

- Sandwich bags

- Tupperware

- Toothbrush holder

- Oven mitts

- Dishwasher detergent

And, that's just scraping the surface! Luckily if you have roommates, you can split up these necessities, and you don't need to have everything right at move-in.

3. Decor Galore

Okay, so you've spent...well, a LOT already just buying the bare bones. But one of the whole points of moving out is having your own space and decorating how you want, right?? We're talking:

- Candles (a million)

- Throw blankets

- Pillows (bed and couch)

- Comforter

- Desk decor

- Rugs

- Wall decor

- Mirrors

- Did I mention candles...?

- Bathroom decor

- Succulents

- Books

There really is nothing better than being able to start fresh, figure out your taste, and make your new home a home. For me personally, I've gone with a neutral theme of black, white and gold accents in my room with some splashes of light pink. I am obsessed with my giant gold floor mirror, black make-up vanity, and light gray wooden desk pictured below. When you work from home like me, you need a space that you feel the most ~zen~ in, and that you'll never get tired of being in!

4. The Go-to Spot

Like it or not, when you move into a new place, your new home becomes the hangout spot, because frankly, everyone wants to see it! In a pandemic this can get tricky (always be safe), but I know personally this was a huge perk of moving out that I couldn't wait for. As a social butterfly, some may say, I couldn't wait to host friends and be so close to the city so that we would always have options for plans. While this isn't the case for everyone, it's nice to have your own space where you can gather people if you want, or have your own space if you don't!

5. Trader Joe's is Your Friend

$3 wine. Enough said.

6. A New Family

Nothing makes a home like the people in it. Many of us have lived with our immediate families from birth until right after college. Some of us were lucky enough to live with roommates throughout college, but for those who haven't, roommates can be such a blessing! Personally, my roommates (two best friends from college, one best friend from high school) are truly my second family and I am so blessed that I get to have my first real apartment experience with my people.

And just like that, I'm a city girl now! Are you looking to move out? Just moved out and don't know where to start with...anything? Shoot me a message or comment below and I'd love to help you make your future or current home a home! Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in my next post!

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