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How Do I Socialize Again?

Updated: May 21, 2021

how to socialize

I am ecstatic to announce an, ahem, *almost* post COVID world (or I guess, country). You read that right!! Did you think we'd ever see the day where - gasp - states are calling off the mask mandate? Vaccines are flowing, which means we need to get the good times rolling - like, ASAP.

The extroverts already have their group chats locked and loaded and are ready to take on the town. On the other hand, the introverts are like, shoot I really thought I could ride this out for another year. And, please still don't invite me to anything!

But whether you're an introvert or extrovert, one thing remains true for us all - how the heck do we socialize anymore? Does anyone even remember? Like, seriously how do you start a conversation with someone...just me?

No, we're all feeling this! We haven't walked up to someone in a bar since like, last February, and we haven't even been able to go up to anyone asking to pet their dog (this one is the real kicker, let's be real).

So how do we regain our social gene? I'm here to give you six easy tips to start dipping your toes back into your social life. Let's get into it!

1. You Don't Need to Make a Splash

It's called dipping your toes in for a reason! You don't need to make a plan with your girl friends for every night of the week, go to every new restaurant downtown, or accept 15 Hinge dates right off the bat. Give yourself some time! You're probably not used to going out as often, so ease yourself back into your normal social scene.

2. Start With Close Friends/Family

You probably talked to these people the most throughout this past year even if you weren't physically with them. You don't have to venture out to meet new people right away! Get together with your close pals first so you can regain your comfortability, and then venture out with them to new places with new people! Like I said, it's all about going at your own pace.

3. It's Time to Ditch Your PJ's

I know, I know, one of the few pandemic aspects that we are just not ready to give up. But, it's time! You got to wear your sweats and slippers for a full year, now get out that credit card and hit the stores (or online stores). Check out what's trending this spring/summer and get yourself some new outfits that will get you excited to go out again! Nothing makes you want to get out of the house more than a new outfit that you're just dying for the world to see.

4. Get Outside

Whether you're still super cautious, or more on the lenient side, outdoor activities are the best of both worlds! Now that it's warming up, outdoor dining, hiking, kayaking, beaching, etc. are all back on our to-do lists. Invite some friends, and try a new spot around town, or even just start by going on some walks! Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable, start there.

5. Remember Everyone's in the Same Boat

Sometimes we think we're alone in our struggles, but we all have had a very different year than any of us have ever experienced. If you're going back to work, or started a new job remotely during COVID, remember that you have talked to your coworkers virtually and they aren't going to turn into mean monsters in person! Hopefully your company can assist you with easing into a new routine and create time for meeting and/or rejoining coworkers.

6. Go Easy on Yourself

There is no guidebook for how to reunite with society after a global pandemic. (but, can someone make one now!?) Make sure you're doing only what you're comfortable with, still wearing masks if this makes you feel safer, and communicating your boundaries to those around you. Because, hey - it's still a scary world out there! So keep socializing as much or as little as you please.

I hope your spring/summer is filled with good times spent with loved ones because Lord knows we have some time to make up for! What's first on your must-do list? Drop it in the comments!

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